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Response to Literature

Major Skills/Guiding Questions


Basic Understanding

  1. What questions do you have about the text?
  2. What thoughts do you have about the story?
  3. What conclusions have you made about it?
  4. What was the major theme of the text?
  5. What is the major conflict, issue, or problem in the text?
  6. Is the title appropriate for the text?  Explain.



  1. How does the main character change from the beginning of the text to the end of the text?  Why do you think this change occurs?
  2. How does a specific quotation relate to the whole text?
  3. How does the quotation further your understanding of the character(s) or the theme(s) in the text?



  1. What does the text say about people in general?
  2. What life experience, work of art, text, television shows, movie, or other personal experience relates directly to the text, and how does it relate?
  3. Connect something in your experience to the text.


Critical Analysis

  1. What is your opinion of this text, and why?
  2. What literary devices did the author use in the text?  How do these literary enhance or detract from the overall presentation of the text?
  3. How does this text help you to further your understanding of human nature?
  4. Should all students read this selection?  Why?