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DUE DATE:  January 7, 2009!

Critical Analysis Paper—Poetry

Due Date:  1/7/09 at 8:10 AM


Poems Studied:

B  “the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls” by e.e. cummings

B  “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T. S. Eliot

B  “The Rights of Woman” by Anna Barbauld

B  “I Wrung My Hands” by Anna Akhmatova


Writing Task:

Compose a 2+-page analysis of one of the poems, showing off the knowledge you have gleaned about poetry in the last few weeks.  (See the back of this sheet for a possible outline.)


General Info:

            Total Point Value = 175 points

            Ms. HB’s email addresses = howak001@hartfordschools.org or k8howard@aol.com



FCA 1:  Format

" Double-spaced or skipped lines

" Computer generated: <= 12 point, Arial, Comic Sans, or Times New Roman, margins <= 1.25”, no extra spaces between paragraph

" Heading including name, due date, period, title of paper

10% (18 points)

FCA 2:  Content

" Length >= 2 pages

" Introduction contains thesis (underlined), reasons (bracketed), reference to literary work & author’s name (wavy line underneath)

" Quotations are relevant and connected to thesis

" >=3 quotations from literary work (numbered)

" MLA Citation—in-text notation & Works Cited Page

" Conclusion is different from introduction, containing reminders of thesis and reasons, and a “final thought”

" Five of the 18 literary terms included in essay (starred)

" Three Word Bank words included in essay (circled)

60% (100 points)

FCA 3:  Required Convention Knowledge

" No fragment sentences

" Women/woman

" It’s/its

" Your/You’re

" Apostrophes

20% (35 points; each error = 10 point deduction)

CAPT Competencies

" Initial Understanding

" Interpretation

" Connection

" Critical Stance

10% (18 points)




A possible order of paragraphs may flow like this:



I.  Introduction (your overall opinion about the poem—THESIS)


II. Dramatic situation

            a.  Who is speaking? (point of view)

            b.  To whom is the speaker speaking?

            c.  What is the situation in the poem?

            d.  What is the speaker’s tone?

            e.  Where/When is the poem set? (setting)


III. Imagery (an example or two & their purpose in the poem)


IV. Theme(s) (explanation & example)


V. Diction (word choice—why were certain words used—what impact might they have on the reader?)


VI. Syntax (line structure)

            a.  length of lines

            b.  unusual lines


VII. Use of Figurative Language and/or Literary Elements (choose only 2-3 to talk about)

a.     foreshadowing

b.    mood

c.     allusion

d.    apostrophe

e.     hyperbole

f.     irony

g.    juxtaposition

h.     metaphor/simile

i.      rhetorical question

j.      synecdoche

k.     understatement


VIII. Conclusion




Adapted from http://library.thinkquest.org/23846/writing_guide/poetry.html



My, how poetic of you!