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Project Rubric

Temporal Journey Reflection

Temporal Journey via the Renaissance

Tenth Grade Coached Project, Fall 2010



It is well accepted that the Renaissance was a “re-birth” on many levels.  Ideas that were recorded in ancient times were “rediscovered” by the denizens of the Renaissance to be appreciated, applied, and further developed.  Furthermore, these ancient ideas and perspectives, transmitted via the Renaissance thinkers, remain a significant influence in the twenty-first century.


Coached Project Framework:

            Working in self-selected groups (or alone), you will explore a topic or personage of the Renaissance, tracing the topic or personage back to its/his/her origin/influence in the Ancient World, and following the line of influence into the 21st century to find the modern-day “descendent.”  The purpose of this project is to appreciate the lineage (however circuitous) of ideas throughout history.  You will choose the mode in which to present your information


Group Size:

            It would be unwise to have groups larger than four people, as the information will likely get too watered down, and it would not be possible for all members to work up to full capacity.


Project Timeline:

  September 22, 2010:  Kick-off the project with A Knight’s Tale in the Trinity Room (writing assignment to accompany movie)

  September 22-November 2: 

         Decide upon a topic/personage & sign up outside Mr. Stair’s room

         Agree upon group members

         Decide what each member’s role will be within the groups

         Consider resources that might take some time to obtain (i.e. wood for construction, costumes, etc) & plan how to get those resources

         Conference with teachers about project possibilities

  October 19

         Annotated MLA Works Cited Sheet due by 8:10 in room 336

  November 3-4:


         Determine your presentation mode (30 minutes)

         Agree upon each member’s SPECIFIC responsibilities (15 minutes)

         Determine your needs/resources, and a plan to procure them (15 minutes)

         Utilize the computer lab, the library, the classrooms, Mr. Stair’s tools, and the advice of your teachers to create your project (5 hours)

  November 5:

         Period 1:  Take individual pictures in Trinity Room

         Periods 2-5

  Room 310:  Individual 3-5 minute skit/presentation on your persona/people and the importance of the topic including 3-Epoch Timeline

  Atrium:  Renaissance Social Networking (a la “Speed Dating”)

  November 12:

         “Temporal Journey via the Renaissance Reflection” due by 8:10 in room 336


 Annotated MLA Works Cited Sheet:

            This is a list of your sources with a short description of the information that you are using in your project.  Use the sheet provided to complete this activity.  You can also download it at Ms HB’s website. (See rubric.)


Individual Presentation:

            Each group will prepare a three-minute presentation, explaining their topic or three minutes long, mapping and tracing the historical roots  from the Classical epoch, the Renaissance person’s/topic’s importance, and the contemporary implications (how the topic/person still has an influence today).  This will be presented in Room 310 to an audience of other students, staff, and parents.  (See rubric.)


Renaissance Social Networking:

            In the Atrium, you will have to be in character while other students come to interview you about your character/topics.  This will be completed in the style of “Speed Dating” where visiting students will interview you for about 3 minutes, and then move to the next person at the table!  Below are the questions you might be asked, so you should be prepared to answer them in character.

1.      What do you do for work?

2.      Where are you from?

3.      Tell me about your family.

4.      What should I know about you?

5.      Do you want to marry or have you ever been married?

6.      What do you do for fun?

7.      What are you most proud about?

8.      Is religion important to you?

9.      Do you follow politics?

10.  Which is the last book you read?

11.  Do you believe a cup is half empty or half full? Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

12.  What adjective would a close friend use to describe you?

13.  Who is your favorite celebrity and why?


Temporal Journey via the Renaissance Reflection:

            This is your chance to reflect about your learning.  Tell the teachers about your challenges, your victories, and lingering questions.  Make connections to the real world.  (See rubric and assignment sheet for more information.)