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Here's a chance to have some fun (?) with Lord of the Flies.

LOTF Project Rubric

LOTF Creative Project

Due Date: 2/14 at the START OF CLASS



C  be approved by Ms HB

C  have a Works Cited page (REGARDLESS OF THE TYPE OF PROJECT!)

C  meet the LOTF Project Rubric criteria


The Power (?) of Choice:

C  You may choose ANY option on the following list, or come up with an additional option

C  You may choose to work independently or with partners

o   (remember:  you are who you work with… choose wisely)


Writing Options


  What societal (or other) structures would have had to been in place for the boys’ civilization to have been successful?

  Should any of the characters be prosecuted for their actions on the island upon their return to England?  Who?  Why?  What should their punishments be? 

  Use of symbolism in the novel

  Littleun’s diary (at least five entries)

  Write the prequel to the book (what the boys’ lives were like BEFORE they got on the plane)

  Write a sequel to the book (what happened when the boys returned to “civilization”)

  Analyze the governmental structures of the boys on the island

  Compare/Contrast LOTF  to Animal Farm

  How is Lord of the Flies a fable?  Compare and contrast to a fable that you know.

  Write a letter to one of the major characters’ parents from the point of view of the naval officer who lands on the island, describing what he (the naval officer) found

  Golding was a schoolteacher—how is this significant?

  Find other thematically related literature; read one or two or three and write a comparison/contrast paper.

  Compare/contrast LOTF to the ideas of John Locke and/or Thomas Hobbes and/or Jean-Jacques Rousseau (AFTER READING MORE OF THEIR WRITING!)

  Should this book be banned?  If not, what age should students be in order to read it?  Research where/when it is taught in the USA.

  another idea?  check with Ms HB

Presentation Possibilities


  Analyze the story/major characters using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  Stage a trial of the boys upon their return to England for the deaths of Piggy and Simon.

  Analyze the story/major characters using Kohlberg’s Morality Model

  Find and discuss/analyze the Biblical allusions

  Create a scale model of the island, with important locations marked

  Write a skit (and act it out!) depicting one or two of the major events of the novel

  Write & illustrate a comic strip version of the major events of the novel

  Create an artistic interpretation (song, dance, piece of art), and write an explanation of (a) how you were inspired and (b) how it relates to the book,  and  (c) how you went about creating your art

  Compare & contrast LOTF to OMAM or Antigone in a nonverbal manner (no words!)

  Make a movie of a pivotal scene and show it to the class; write an explanation of a) how you were inspired and (b) how it relates to the book,  and  (c) how you went about creating your art

  Read The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne and give a book talk about it to the class

  Sculpt pieces of art based on the book.  Write an explanation of (a) how you were inspired (b) how it relates to the book, and  (c) how you went about creating your art

  another idea?  check with Ms HB


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