HB's English Links--Classical Magnet School

Research Links for CAPSTONE
Research Links for CAPSTONE
Writing Links & Resources
Audio Links for American Literature
Teacher Assistants at Classical Magnet School
"American Literature" 11th Grade English @ CMS
SAT Information & Practice
Reading Links
Words, Glorious Words
AP Literature Exam Prep
How to Run a Seminar
A Pretty Good List of Literary Terms
"Modern Mythology" 10th Grade English @ CMS

Academic Honesty (Agreement)

Finding, Selecting, & Annotating Your Research

Evidence Chart

Notesheet for Resources

Milestone Planning Sheet

Template for Annotated Bibliography (an exemplar)

11th Grade Annotated Bibliography Rubric

Capstone Research Paper Rubric 2014 2015

Capstone Literature Review DIRECTIONS

Capstone Literature Review Rubric 2014 2015

Capstone Final Presentation Rubric 2014 2015

Annotated Bibliography: Example of an Entry

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