HB's English Links--Classical Magnet School

How to Run a Seminar

Research Links for CAPSTONE
Writing Links & Resources
Audio Links for American Literature
Teacher Assistants at Classical Magnet School
"American Literature" 11th Grade English @ CMS
SAT Information & Practice
Reading Links
Words, Glorious Words
AP Literature Exam Prep
How to Run a Seminar
A Pretty Good List of Literary Terms
"Modern Mythology" 10th Grade English @ CMS

Seminar "How-To" Resources

Seminar Plan Form (in Word 97-03 format)

Example Seminar Questions

Seminar Ideas & Values (Controlling Concepts)

Sample Agenda for Student-Led Seminar

What Should Happen During a Seminar

Post Seminar Reflection

Student Facilitator Seminar Rubric

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Seminar Text Resources
(some places to find texts)

European History Primary Documents

Middle Ages Sources

Renaissance Sourcebook


Representative Poetry Online (a great repository for poetry!)

Classics Website (MIT)

Science News

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