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FEBRUARY 9, 2011

Let's look at an example paragraph:

          Ralph added order on the island by calling meetings of all the boys to plan out what would be done during the day.  “As Ralph blew the conch all the littluns gathered along with Jack and his hunting tribe” (Golding 79).  All the boys responded and assembled when Ralph called.  Ralph’s plans to get rescued seemed to be going well at this point and the boys seemed to enjoy coming together when they were not arguing.  Even Jack was responding to Ralph's leadership at this point.

What do you notice about this paragraph?
What is the topic of the paragraph?

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February 9, 2011 Assignment:


  Paragraph Topic: The power struggle between Jack and Ralph

  Find a quote in Chapter 7 or 8 of LOTF


  Introduction statement/Statement of topic

  Introduction to the quote (even just a phrase)

  Quotation from the chapter AND PARENTHETICAL NOTATION (Golding #)

  Analysis of quotation (what does it tell us?)

  Summary (Transition) sentence


  Thesis Generator

  LOTF book

  Your brains

  Your peers


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Class of 2013 Paragraph:

The power struggle between Jack and Ralph when competing in being the chief of the island. " We can do without Jack Merriedw. There's others besides him on this island" (Golding 128). I choice this because Piggy doesnt like Jack and he is on Ralph side. He feels that if Jack endes up being the chief of the island everything will go down hill, and Ralph is like the only person on the island who can hold everything thing down on the island.

Class of 2013 Paragraph B:

The hunt for the beast was on as daytime fated into the night Ralph and the others had to climb a mountain. As daytime was up Ralph make the decision to climb the mountain tomorrow. The boys agreed but Jack thought otherwise and tried to challenge Ralph by questioning his bravery. Ralph asked the boys, “All right. Who wants to climb the mountain now?”(Golding 119). This challenge Jack throw at Ralph was a fail. The boy were silences and Ralph won this challenge.

Class of 2013 Paragraph C:

The power struggle between Jack and Ralph happened multiple times during the loft novel. In the book there are times when Jacks decides that he want to be a leader and take charge. Many quotes if the loft novel show this one is “The pig-run kept close to the jumble of rocks that lay down by the water on the other side and Ralph was content to follow” (Golding 109).  This is a perfect example where Jacks want to take change and make others follow him and Ralph is content to follow him because he thinks what he is doing is wrong also they have many differences in this novel for instance when he shared his food with piggy after jack wouldn’t give him any food. If Ralph continues to not follow under Jacks lead then there struggles will continue.         

Class of 2013 Paragraph D

         The Power between Jack and Ralph is a competition for the position of top spot on the island. Jack undermines Ralph's power because he knows that  Ralph has all the power to lead and everybody listens to him. "We can do without Jack Merridew. There's others besides him on this island." (Golding 128). Ralph dosent really want Jack to take the spot that he has. The quote has a lot of importance because they're competing for power and its like at any minute they will stab each other on the back for it. Everyone depends on Jack to do all the hunting and Ralph gets a little mad because of that.

Class of 2013 Paragraph E:

The power and struggle between Jack and Ralph happened various times in the novel. There’s times when the boys would listen to Jack and nobody would listen to Ralph. On one of the quotes when Jack was questioning Ralph’s bravery. “As long there’s light we’re brave. But then? And now that thing squats by the fire as though it didn’t want us to be rescued (Golding 125).”

Let's write together... yeah, yeah, yeah!