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Latin IV Mid-term Exam STUDY GUIDE   Nomen____________________________



Part IA- translation


Part IB – RC and grammar


Part II – Text identification


Part III – Culture Terms


Part IV – Vocabulary


Part V - Essays





Part I A TRANSLATE LINES 1-5 of the passage


PART I B - Select the correct answer based on the content and the grammar of the passage.

Example: give the form and use of excitandus

                        a. gerund – purpose                 b. gerundive – obligation        c. gerundive – purpose


Part II. Directions -Indicate the persons referred to in the following passages (from our readings).

            Know: Appius Claudius Caecus, b. Caelius, Clodia, Clodius, Q. Metellus


Part III.A. Match the definition to the correct person (from culture/history). 

Know: Caelius, Cicero, Clodia, Clodius, Crassus


Part III B.  Match the definition to the culture term.

Know: absolve, condmno, corona, de vi, iudices, iuris consultus, orator, praetor urbanus, quastiones, sortitio

PART IV A - Match the meaning to the English derivative. Review 251 A and vocabulary list.


PART IV B - Match the English derivative to its Latin root.

            Example: vocal            a. vito              b. voco                        c. verbum


PART V – On paper provided, please answer 2 of the 4 writing options.  Use concrete examples.



portrayal of women in Ovid, Catullus, univira stage, and Cicero.

Different styles of poetry – Ovid vs. Catullus, Ovid vs. Pliny

How are the authors different?  Alike?  What does their writing suggest about the times?



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