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Othello Act III Questions


Answer 7 of the following 12 questions:

1.      What might be the purpose of opening the middle act, Act III, with clowns and musicians? What do you know about other Shakespeare plays and his use of clowns?

2.      How does scene one end?

3.      What do you think the purpose of scene two is?

4.      In Scene 3, how does Iago use race to push Othello toward thinking Desdemona is unfaithful? (Look to lines 268-278).

5.      In Othello’s speech, lines 299-318, what does he say about reputation and high society?

6.      Free-write on Iago’s conversation with his wife, Emilia, focusing on his views toward women and his plans in Scene III.

7.      Explain the metaphor in Scene 3, lines 372-377.

8.      In Scene 3, what does Iago tell Othello with regard to the handkerchief, which only makes Othello even more enraged with jealousy? Lines 450-495.

9.      What is the pun that the clown says in the opening of Scene 4?

10.   Why is the handkerchief so special to Othello?  (Scene 4, lines 57-65)

11.   How does Othello’s and Desdemona’s confrontation about the handkerchief play into Iago’s plan? (page 159).

12.   What are Emilia’s views toward men? (Scene 4, lines 120-123)


Choose 2 of the following 4 paraphrases:

13.   Paraphrase Act III, scene 2, lines 1-4.  What emotions do you think are going on inside Othello’s head in scene 2?

14.   Paraphrase Act III, scene 3, lines 389-395.  Would Othello agree with the statement “Ignorance is Bliss”, why/why not?

15.   Paraphrase 3.4.65-79. 

16.   Paraphrase Scene 4, lines 160-175.  What does Desdemona think is bothering Othello?

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