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Othello Act IV Homework Questions

Answer in your Journals!


Answer 7 of the following questions:

1.    How does Iago suggest Othello kill Desdemona? Why?

2.    Why does Othello hit Desdemona?

3.    Who is Lodovico? What news does he bring from Venice? (p. 187)

4.    What reasons does Othello give himself for discounting (ignoring) Emilia’s testimony about Desdemona’s honesty? (4.2.21-25)

5.    Describe the metaphor that Othello is making in lines 76-80.

6.    How are Emilia’s speeches in Scene 2, lines 153-156 and lines 159-169 ironic?  Describe her opinion of the person who has created these problems.

7.    What reason does Iago give Desdemona for Othello’s behavior in Scene 2?

8.    How does Iago convince Roderigo to try to kill Cassio?

9.    What is the significance of the “song of willow” that is sung in Scene 3?  What literary device(s) is(/are) being used by Shakespeare?

10. In Scene 3, using Emilia’s speech in lines 95-115, describe Emilia’s views on marriage. 


Choose 2 of the following 4 paraphrase options:

11.  Paraphrase 4.1.7-10.

12. Paraphrase 4.189-104.  What is Iago planning?

13. Paraphrase 4.1.296-301.  What does Lodovico say about Othello?

14. Paraphrase 4.2.56-74.


Why you gotta be so violent?