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10th Grade English:  Modern Mythology

Ms. Howard-Bender, English Teacher

General Information, 2011-2012


Essential Questions for Modern Mythology

   How do we engage in meaningful dialogue about literature?

   What is good literature?

   What is a hero?

   Why does literature matter?


Major Units/Pieces of Literature

& Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

& Introduction Unit, History of English Language / Coached Project / The Canterbury Tales, especially “The Wife of Bath” by Geoffrey Chaucer

&  “Antigone” by Sophocles / Greek Theater

& Lord of the Flies by William Golding

& Night by Elie Wiesel/ Crimes Against Humanity Coached Project

& Othello by William Shakespeare/ Shakespearean Theater

& Auxiliary Workbook:  Vocabulary from Latin & Greek Roots IV


What you need to bring with you to English every meeting:

{  1 100-page composition book

{  Writing Utensil(s)

{  The text that we are currently reading

{  Your brain and a full stomach

{  Completed homework assignment


What goes in your Journal:

J  Bellwork (“Do Now”)

J  Homework

J  Classwork

J  Class notes

J  Types 1 & 2 Writing (drafts)      

J  Word Bank (from back to front)



q  You WILL receive progress reports EVERY TWO weeks, following the school calendar.

q  If you miss a short-term assignment (quizzes, nightly homework), or need to make up a short-term assignment, the 10th grade team will enter a zero or “0” in the gradebook until it is made up or re-taken.

q  From the time progress reports have been distributed, you will be allowed to complete the work.  You must proactively arrange with your subject-area teacher an appropriate due date.  This will be determined by the teacher and the student, with a maximum time limit of two weeks.

q  For longer-term assignments (essays, projects), the due date and time are fixed.  Because it is a time-sensitive performance, due dates must be honored, or there will be consequences.

q  If there are extenuating circumstances, you need to advocate for yourself with your subject-area teacher.  We WILL work with you to make sure you have a worthwhile educational experience.

10th Grade English percentages (approximate, based on a percentage, standards-based system)

(Please be patient with me as we pilot this type of grading system; there will be revisions, and I will keep you informed of the progression!)

Overarching Heading

Subheadings (skills included)

Assignment/ Evidence Types

Percentage of Grade


Initial Understanding
Developing an Interpretation


Critical Stance




Class Assignments

Coached Projects


Writing Clearly

Evidentiary Support

Thesis Development



Conventions (FCA’s)

Coached Projects



Class Assignments



Word Choice

Vocabulary Sophistication

Classroom activities

Vocabulary Workbook




Thinking Clearly/ Seminar

Seminar Participation

Seminar Facilitation

Coached Projects

Coached Projects

Post-Seminar Write-Ups






Homework completion

Extra Credit

Progress Reports

Tempus Legendo


Presentation/ Communication

Seminar Facilitation

Coached Projects


Dramatic Interpretations

Coached Projects

Seminar Facilitation





Before You Hand in a Final Draft:

q  You will get feedback from a peer, which is INVALUABLE!

q  You should send Ms HB a draft via email:  howak001@hartfordschools.org, or you can always turn in a hard copy (usually a 48-hour (or less) turn-around time & she’ll email you back the file with revision ideas)

Handing in Papers:

@  They are due at 8:10 AM on the due date.

@   Lateness to school (unless there is a written excuse from a parent) is not an excuse for lateness.

@  Papers should be electronically submitted.  You will receive your grade electronically as well.  (Go, Earth!)  Then, you will be able to print out the paper with my comments and the scores and add that to your writing folder.

@  On the due date of the paper,

o    Ms HB will try to meet you in the 3rd floor computer lab. 

o    At 8:00, she will return to her room and LOCK THE COMPUTER LAB door.

@  Format:

o    double space

o    no larger than 12-point font

o    Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, or Comic Sans

@  Make sure you fill out the self-evaluation portion of the rubric.

@  Every paper MUST have a “Works Cited” page

o    You must cite every non-original thought and the quotations you used as evidence in MLA style


Formal Journal Checks:

  are completed at the end of the marking period

  include the word bank (50 words per quarter)

  include the table of contents

  include the completion of all homework assignments which should be in the journal

  include all the bellwork from the quarter

  include all other notes/entries done in class

  (Use the Model Journal in the room if you missed a day!)


Homework Checks:

s  You will most likely have to leave your journal overnight with Ms HB when it is your turn to get your work checked.  You can get it back the next school day.

s  Homework will be checked randomly, and equally.  Everyone’s homework will be checked and given feedback on a rotating basis.  A grade will be entered according to how well you mastered the skills that are being assessed on the homework assignment.

s  Homework often includes actively reading a text.  You should be prepared to demonstrated that you actively and successfully read the text during the next class period.  This proof will come in the form of quizzes or other assessments.

s  If you were absent, then you have until the next class meeting to make up the missing homework, in addition to the homework assigned the day you returned to class. 

s  Check Ms HB’s website for the homework assignment, too. 


Extra Credit Structure

C  I like to catch you doing the right thing (e.g. doing bellwork without being asked, doing something nice for someone else, volunteering brilliantly in class)

C  If I give you a special smiley sticker, place it in the FRONT of your journal

C  Each smiley sticker is worth 3 extra credit points

C  At the end of the marking period, when your journal is graded, I will tally up the total number of stickers, multiply it by three, and add that to your points in the “Civic/Social” Category

C  If you also have leftover Bathroom Tickets, I will also add that into your total points


 Non-negotiables in Ms HB’s class:

  You will not chew gum or eat candy or other food in class (unless we have a planned event). 

  If you are walking in the classroom door when the bell rings (or any time after that) without a legitimate pass, you are late.  You will serve a lunch detention.

  Water is good for your brain.  You may drink it in class (unless it becomes a nuisance, which I am sure it won’t) in a see-through container or a SIGG.  Be prepared for me to do a bottle check.

  Everyone deserves to be a fully participating member of the class = Social Contract.  As such, everyone deserves to be truly respected.  If you choose not to live up to this level of respect expectations, you will be called out on it by the other members of the class.  (Moral of the story:  Be nice and listen.)


Classroom Jobs:

Each marking period three jobs will be given to volunteers (who will earn extra credit points for FAITHFULLY completing the job!)

1.    Collector/Distributor:  when assignments or materials need to be collected this person goes into action AND checks the TBR folder EVERY class meeting and passes out items in the folder at the start of class

2.    Timer Keeper: this person sets the time & lets Ms HB know that the timer has gone off

3.    Journal Custodian:  this person adds entries in the class journal (for students who are absent)


Bathroom/Leaving the Room Policy:

B  At the beginning of each marking period, you will receive 3 bathroom/leaving the room tickets. 

B  TAPE THEM INTO YOUR JOURNAL.  You may go to the bathroom or leave the room on other business THREE times during my class period during the course of a marking period. 

B  When you wish to leave the room, present BOTH the ticket AND a pass with all the pertinent information to Ms HB, and she will smile and sign it, taking away your 10-point ticket (so sad!).

B  HOWEVER (the good news), if you keep all three tickets until the end of the marking period, you will receive 10 extra credit points for each ticket you have maintained, for a possible total of 30 extra credit points!


Ms HB’s Website:  http://katesportfolio.tripod.com

What you can find here:

v  Homework assignments

v  Background information on class

v  Current Essay Assignment & Rubric

v  10th Grade Team Information & Forms

v  Links to good sites


Ms HB’s Facebook page:  “HB’s English Page”

v  Friend me!

v  I’ll put up reminders, links, etc.

v  NO inappropriate discussions or interactions with one another will be tolerated.




The 10th grade team will be working hard with you to help you to organize your time effectively.  We believe that the better you are able to organize your time, the more success you will encounter, and the happier you will be.  As such, we will be talking about how to use your time in the most efficacious manner possible! 

Thanks for reading me!