HB's English Links--Classical Magnet School

UConn Methods of Teaching English Course

Research Links for CAPSTONE
Writing Links & Resources
Audio Links for American Literature
Teacher Assistants at Classical Magnet School
"American Literature" 11th Grade English @ CMS
SAT Information & Practice
Reading Links
Words, Glorious Words
AP Literature Exam Prep
How to Run a Seminar
A Pretty Good List of Literary Terms
"Modern Mythology" 10th Grade English @ CMS

Course Information

EDCI 5085 Course Calendar

BLOG LINK (where to enter your responses!)

An Island Like You Lesson Information

TCPCG Lesson Plan Format

Blog Entry Mini-Rubric

Short Story Integrated Unit Checklist & Description

Short Story Integrated Rubric

Course Specific Texts

(Paideia) Seminar Links & Resources

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Class PowerPoints

Session 1 PowerPoint

Session 2 PowerPoint

Session 3 PowerPoint

Session 4 PowerPoint

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Read Write Think

Grammar Website

Kate HB's writing links

A Plagiarism Detector (don't worry if you get 2%!)

John Collins (Focus Correction Areas)

Paramedic Method of Editing SlideShare

Waterbury Cohort's Vocabulary Links

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Authentic Assessments (Ideas!)

Common Core Rubric Creator (EssayTagger)

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Multiple Intelligences Resources

"Multiple Ways to Be Smart..." article (.pdf)

"MI: The Most Effective Platform for..." article (.pdf)

Background on Multiple Intelligences & Gardner

Multiple Intelligences Resource

A Multiple Intelligences Self-Test

Another MI Self-Test

Multiple Multiple Intelligences Inventories (har har)

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(Understanding by Design)

"UbD in a Nutshell" (.pdf)

ASCD Understanding by Design

UbD Summary #2 (ASCD)

UbD Elementary Lesson Plan Template

UbD High School Lesson Plan Template

UbD Resources

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Modern Mythology Course Overview & Grading (10th Grade)

American Literature Course Overview

How to Write Rubrics!

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Common Core State Standards: English Language Arts (ELA)

Common Core State Standards in Excel Format

National Council of Teachers of English / International Reading Association Standards (1996) the SHORT version


CT Common Core of Teaching 2010: Foundational Skills (non-ELA Specific)

Connecticut Core Standards and Common Core State Standards "CROSSWALK"

Text Complexity Grade Bands (Lexiles)

NCTE/IRA Standards for the English Language Arts (the LONG version!) (.pdf)

Standards for Teachers of English in NC (.pdf)

Standards for English Teachers: Israel

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Reading & Literature

Lexile Home Site

Lexile Map (Representative Texts, and Grade Level equivalents)

How Lexiles are Measured

Schools of Literary Criticism

Fix Up Strategies

A Literature Circle Site

HB's Literature Circle Roles

Some More Literature Circle Roles

Reading Strategies

Poetry 180--a poem a day

Favorite Poem.org

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(English) Teacher Tools

Social Contract Framework PPT

Jim Burke's English Companion Site

Common Core Rubric Creator (Essay Tagger)

CAPT 2010 Released Items

SRBI Information from State of CT

TEAM Website

The National Paideia Center

12 Things Great English Teachers Do

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Lesson Planning

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy information

Closure Ideas

Rubric for a Lesson Plan

SABES Lesson Planning Guide (.pdf)

Writing Workshop Lesson Plan Template

"Blocky" Lesson Plan (*.doc)

Rhetorical Devices List

Critical Analysis

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"Meaningful" Time Fillers

More Time Fillers

Even More Time Fillers

GRAMMAR Time Fillers

Still More Time Fillers

Extension Activities/Time Fillers

Games to Fill Time

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Pedagogy & Educational Theory

Methodology, Pedagogy, Organizationogy, Managementogy...  and all that jazz!