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Seminar Texts Used In Modern Mythology

Research Links for CAPSTONE
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Audio Links for American Literature
Teacher Assistants at Classical Magnet School
"American Literature" 11th Grade English @ CMS
SAT Information & Practice
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Words, Glorious Words
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How to Run a Seminar
A Pretty Good List of Literary Terms
"Modern Mythology" 10th Grade English @ CMS

Start of Year through Mid-Term Exam

Seminar #1: "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"

Seminar #2 "Nicomachean Ethics"

Seminar #3: "To a Mouse" by Robert Burns

Seminar #4 "Law Abiding Citizen" (plot synopsis)

Seminar #4 "Law Abiding Citizen" (youtube video excerpt)

Seminar #5 "Civil Disobedience"

Seminar #6 "Meditation XVII"

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Start of Year through Mid-Term Exam

Seminar #7 Excerpt from Leviathan

If you can't download Seminar #6 Excerpt from Leviathan, click here!

Seminar #8 "Frozen Jews"

Seminar "Gentilesse"

Seminar: "Social Contract"

Seminar "Origin of the Species"

Seminar "UN Definition of Genocide"

Seminar "Chose Life or Death for Jewish Children"

Seminar "Why Read Shakespeare"

Seminar "Othello Cultural Context"

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